Another Guy Blogging????

Posted by on 21 May 2012

As I thought about starting a blog, I asked myself the serious question of its benefit to anyone, not the least myself. More and more people blog today especially in ministry as they feel it's the thing to do. Well, I had these same thoughts and I fought with it for a long time until very recently.

Now, I've not given in or sold my my soul for rock'n'roll by starting this. As I sought the Lord on it and prayed for guidance, I got the impression that people need to know about the Lord's work in Glasgow, the view of the church and Christianity in general in Scotland and the fact the Lord is moving for our nation!
How much better our Scotland would be if the people got excited about Jesus shouting "It is Finished!" than Mel Gibson's bad Scottish accent shouting "Freedom!"

My desire and vision for this blog is to keep people up to date on what is happening in churches in Scotland, where it stands biblically, and more importantly, the work of Jesus in people's lives.
Until the next time...